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Vajra Gives Importance to Amenities and Open Spaces

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Most of us live a modern lifestyle where the life gets loaded with stress. We all have an extremely busy schedule and face a lot of discomforts during the day. This is the reason why people are looking for homes that could help them calm their minds and also ease their stress levels. Homes with open spaces and more amenities solve this problem. Vajra Builders, an iconic identity in the field of real estate gives more importance to amenities and open spaces which could help to relieve you from the daily stress and also calm your tired nerves.

1 . Why do Homebuyers Look Out for Open Spaces and Amenities

Homebuyers of today are more ambitious and dream of living a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle – a lifestyle which can keep them healthy and stress free. Hence they need an array of amenities and ample open spaces which can do wonders on mental health and keep them stress free. The amenities and open spaces also become a ground for social interactions. Here are a few reasons why homebuyers are on the lookout for open spaces and amenities in residential ventures.

1 . 1 . Health is Always Important

After the pandemic, people have become more conscious about their health- both, physical and mental. Amenities provide physical health whereas open spaces offer mental health. So in today’s homes, homebuyers want both the facilities, open spaces as well as amenities. Health has become more important after we all faced the drastic lockdowns where we were confined to our homes and needed fresh air and exercise, badly. Open spaces have a positive effect on the mental health of the residents.

1 .2 . Hobbies Can be Nurtured

Adults and children do have some hobbies which need to be nurtured and the gated communities with luxurious amenities provide opportunities to nurture them. Residents also get a chance to try their hand at everything, without any extra cost. Especially, kids get a chance to learn various sports with the other kids of the community.

2 . Open Spaces Help to Relieve Stress and Keep Healthy

In today’s lifestyle, with a lot of population and the growing pollution, open spaces play a vital role in offering a healthy lifestyle. A residential venture should have an adequate amount of open space which can be used for various recreational purposes like Kids’ Park, gardens, jogging tracks etc. These spaces encourage the residents to perform various physical activities and contribute to their well-being. Houses built with open spaces around, provide a healthy amount of ventilation and keep the residents fresh and fit. Kids can have a healthy childhood in the area exclusively allotted for them. It also leaves a positive impact on their health.

Open spaces are also points of socialization where the residents get ample opportunities to meet and socialize with other residents of their age. These open spaces increase social bonding and also serve as a place where people can enjoy nature and get close to it. The air in open spaces is free from pollution and is a perfect means to relax and unwind.

Open spaces also offer an aesthetic appeal and give a chance to spend some quality time with family and friends. It also enhances the property value and keeps the residents close to nature.

3 . Amenities Enhance the Quality of Life

In addition to quality homes, the modern homebuyers need something extra, like luxurious amenities which can provide more comfort and relieve them from the stress created due to a hectic lifestyle. Amenities and open spaces can calm the minds and ease the level of stress. They enhance the quality of lifestyle.

Vajra offers a number of amenities that could provide a healthy and stress free lifestyle. Its ventures include a well equipped Clubhouse. In the present era, a Clubhouse is considered to be more of a necessity rather than being counted in the list of amenities. A Clubhouse solves the problem of celebrations and family functions with its Multipurpose Hall. It usually has a Gym, Recreational corners, Yoga and Meditation area, Library etc.

A Gym is given more preference by many. A healthy life is desired by all but the busy schedule of life doesn’t give much time for commute. Hence a gym in the residential premises becomes an advantage and can be hit at one’s convenience. The ventures of Vajra have fully equipped gym at its ventures.
Swimming pool is also being considered a necessity as it provides a healthy lifestyle at the ventures of Vajra. Swimming helps to tone the muscles and alleviates stress. This is a relaxing and peaceful form of exercise. It helps to improve the cardio-vascular system and helps to burn calories.
Other amenities like indoor games and sporting facilities also contribute a great deal to the pleasure and enjoyment of the residents. Increasing level of stress is becoming the reason for the demand of amenities and open spaces. Today’s homebuyer is in search of an abode that could provide a relaxing atmosphere and also entertain him in the best possible way. These amenities and open spaces become the means of relaxation and a healthy lifestyle.

4 . Vajra Gives Importance to Amenities and Open Spaces

Vajra Builders and Developers is committed to creating ventures that are loaded with amenities, lifestyle enhancing features and spacious open spaces. All these amenities and open spaces keep its residents close to nature and give a healthy lifestyle. The gated communities of Vajra come with a loaded clubhouse, gym, sports facilities, swimming pool, beautifully landscaped parks and wide-open spaces. Now that the homebuyers are keen about open spaces and amenities and consider them as one of their parameters in selecting their abode, Vajra has made sure of incorporating these new parameters in their ventures.

The Nature City Villas of Bowrampet that spread over an expanse of 4 acres offer an exclusive luxury with an affluent lifestyle. The lush green landscapes and the open spaces replenish your senses. It offers the freshest air amid an array of tree-lined avenues. Chic amenities like a well loaded Clubhouse, swimming pool, an exclusive area for kids, parks and jogging tracks provide an elite lifestyle.
Another leading venture of Vajra, The Royal Park, also excels in providing the best of amenities and open spaces. Located at Bowrampet, this Hi-Rise venture offers abundant amenities and ample open spaces for all ages to rejuvenate. Built in a lush green environment, this venture offers a healthy lifestyle and keeps its residents close to nature.
Vajra gives more importance to amenities and open spaces because it wants its residents to enjoy a tension free and a hale and hearty lifestyle. Vajra provides luxurious homes that can offer a lifestyle each one needs and desires.
-Dharmapuri Mallikharjuna Raju

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