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Vajra- A Lucrative Investment Destination

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Life is full of dreams and one such yearning is to own a home at a lucrative destination. This is a big decision and a huge investment, so it requires maximum care and research about the project and location. What can be more lucrative than an investment in the ventures of Vajra where you can own either a villa or an apartment, of your choice! If you are planning to own an abode, do go for a venture which is perfect for you in all aspects and one such builder is Vajra, which creates fabulous ventures at lucrative destinations. Investment at the ventures of Vajra means a good ROI.

1 . Vajra Means Trust and Quality

Vajra Builders and Developers, a trusted name in the arena of real estate, is known for its fabulous ventures, quality construction and timely deliveries. The locations chosen by Vajra for its ventures are rightly selected after a thorough research. These locations have the proximity to important services and a well developed social infrastructure. Vajra Builders and Developers have carved a number of ventures and a few of them are at the rim of completion, like the Nature City Villas and The Royal Park at Bowrampet. These ventures have excellent connectivity to all the major landmarks of the city. Vajra is committed to creating comfy gated communities with the best of amenities and lifestyle-enhancing features. All their projects have abundant greenery, the best of specifications and spacious open areas. Vajra is known for quality and creativity at lucrative destinations which can convert your investment into an asset with excellent ROI

2 . Ventures of Vajra

The ventures of Vajra are basically lucrative investment destinations where you can enjoy a fun-filled life and live close to nature. These ventures are loaded with lush amenities which provide the luxuries of life. Though there are a number of ventures of Vajra, only the ones which are nearing completion are mentioned here
Vajra has created stylishly designed and beautifully crafted Nature City Villas with an array of amenities. This is a RERA Registered project spread over a large area of 4 acres and located at Bowrampet. These 4BHK lucrative villas are surrounded by captivating greenery and offer an arena of luxury. These are secured in a gated community. If you desire a serene atmosphere with utmost privacy, then a villa at the Nature City of Vajra is the perfect destination
The Royal Park is another splendid creation of Vajra, at Bowrampet. These are 2 and 3 BHK flats enclosed in 6 towers. These flats are neatly designed with luxurious amenities and spacious spaces. With ample open spaces, this venture keeps you close to nature. The Royal Park has a huge Clubhouse with 5 floors, a focal point of leisure and healthy lifestyle.

3 . Location and Neighbourhood

Vajra Builders and Develops give more importance to location and neighbourhood. Their ventures are located at lucrative destinations which can turn out to be brilliant investments.Location and neighbourhood plays a prominent role in the selection of an abode. A good location offers a number of profitable options down the road. The neighbourhood of these ventures is safe and free from crimes. The commute time is also taken care of while selecting a destination.
Bowrampet is a fast growing destination where Vajra has created two of its ventures. Situated in the North-west zone of Hyderabad, Bowrampet is in proximity to the main streams and have acquired a lot of
traction in the recent years. The infrastructural development has created a boom at this lucrative destination and your investment in these ventures will fetch you handsome returns. One can find a number of Commercial complexes that include supermarkets, schools, restaurants, fitness centres, and banks

4 . Sports Facilities

The ventures of Vajra, the Nature City and The Royal Park are loaded with lavish amenities. The ventures of Vajra take extra efforts to keep their residents fit and healthy. Health is given more priority nowadays and Vajra has added health training facilities like gymnasium, jogging track, yoga hall, or a meditation hall within the gated community. A swimming pool is also considered as one of the healthy amenities. In all, life at the ventures of Vajra will be a healthy one.

5 . Safety and Security

Safety at the ventures of Vajra is at its best. We all are more concerned about the security of our houses and so is Vajra. The gates are manned by security personnel and one can also find CCTV Surveillance all over the space. The security restricts the entry of outsiders, be it the guests or solicitors or intruders. No one can enter the premises without any permission.

6 . Exclusive Kids Area

Ventures of Vajra are liked by the kids more than others as they have an exclusive area for the kids. Children’s Play Area makes the kids more responsible and caring. They don’t need any supervision inside the premises as the security is vigilant. Fresh air and physical activities will keep the kids healthy and improves the childhood of your children.

7 . Lavish Clubhouse

A Clubhouse is the tiara of a gated community and the ventures of Vajra also wear this tiara. A huge Clubhouse is the point of leisure for all ages. A Multipurpose Hall is a place which serves as a spot of celebrations and festivities. A lot of indoor games are also available for all those who prefer to spend their time indoors rather than indulging in outdoor activities. A Yoga or Meditation Hall will help to refresh your mind and offer you a peaceful and healthy mind. Those who are health conscious will also have something for their healthy lifestyle. A full-fledged gym and a swimming pool will impart a healthy body and a healthy mind. Orators will also get their share in the Clubhouse. A library with a treasure of books is ready to explore.

8 . Aesthetic Landscapes and Greenery

Greenery and aesthetic landscapes help to increase the focus and efficiency of a person and one can find these in abundance at the ventures of Vajra. Jogging or walking in the lawns or spending some time in the open spaces of these ventures will enhance the mood and develop a positive attitude. A number of sitting areas and green pockets help to develop friendly ties with the other residents.

9 . A Lucrative Investment Destination

The ventures of Vajra are loaded with the above mentioned amenities, imparting a healthy and happy lifestyle to its residents. The investment made at these ventures will fetch handsome returns as this is located at a lucrative destination. The aesthetic atmosphere trims down the stress and turns out to be a means of recreation. The atmosphere at these ventures has quality air and tickles the senses. Due to the well developed infrastructure of the location, this is a lucrative investment which can bring good ROI at this destination.
-Dharmapuri Mallikharjuna Raju

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