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Green colour is becoming the desire of everyone. We like to be surrounded by nature, and this desire has gained intensity after we all faced the drastic effects of the pandemic. We have learnt that we need to breathe clean air and live in a pollution free environment which is surrounded by greenery. Green is an important element at the ventures of Vajra where you feel relaxed and refreshed in the green atmosphere.

1 . Why Green in Residential Buildings

Green spaces are essential in residential buildings. You feel better if you are surrounded by greenery, be it plants, trees or lawns. You get drawn towards nature. Green makes us feel better. Green all around is good for health as well as mental well-being. Green spaces improve your life in various ways. Nowadays, the trend of gated communities is on the rise and one can find abundant greenery in these residential ventures and townships. Gated communities have to maintain 50 % of greenery. Vajra Builders is also very particular with green. Greenery is an important element at Vajra. They know very well the advantages of greenery and hence one can witness a lot of green at the ventures of Vajra Builders.

2 . Green Improves Your Life

Green spaces not only add to the beauty of the surroundings but also boost our mental health by reducing our stress level. They leave a positive impact on psychological conditions such as depression, anxiety and mood disorder. Greenery also helps to improve sleep and reduces stress. Some time spent in green environment can increase happiness and reduce negative emotions. It also promotes positive social interactions. Nature seems to relate itself with our mental health. Regular exposure to green areas also controls blood pressure and strengthens our immune system. The air around the plants and trees is free from pollution and when we breathe in, this quality air, we are strengthening our lungs and in this present times, we have to keep our lungs strong.

3 . Green for Elders

Living amidst greenery can have a soothing effect on the physical as well as the mental health of elderly people. Nature’s green colour boosts up their physical activity. Usually the seniors of the family or the older people have limited mobility and are usually restricted or confined within the boundaries of the house which leads to a majority of health disorders. If there is greenery around the house but within the gated community, they can spend some time in this green atmosphere. Green serves as an important element even for the elderly people. Presence of green spaces with seating arrangements can make these elders physically active and can also reduce the risk of chronic ailments and sleep disorders.

Vajra has been very concerned about the elders of the family. In their ventures you can find ample green pockets with seating arrangements in the park, where the elderly can walk or sit and enjoy a few moments in the lovely environment. This ofcourse will help in their physical and mental wellness.

4 . Green is Good for Kids and Babies

Green environment is especially good for kids and pregnant ladies. Separate areas are allotted for kids at the ventures of Vajra where they can play and shed off their extra energy. By playing in the open areas, your kids will learn a lot of skills and etiquettes. They also strengthen their lungs and their bodies when they play in greenery and breathe quality air. Greenery is also good for pregnant women. The aesthetic atmosphere will elevate their spirits and help to reduce their stress. They breathe in clean atmosphere which has less noise and air pollution; indirectly providing good health to their developing babies.

5 . Green-An Important Element at Vajra

Modern urban lifestyle keeps us busy and away from physical activity and in turn offers chronic stress and exposure to environmental hazards. This is the time when we realise the importance of our health. In today’s life we all need to keep ourselves close to nature so as to have a strong immune system as well as strong lungs. We need to live close to greenery and breathe in clean and pollution free environment. Green is an important element at the ventures of Vajra. One can get pristine and serene atmosphere with abundant greenery in the form of amazing landscapes, plants, trees and flowers. This atmosphere also feeds our aesthetic sense and helps to maintain and promote our mental and physical health. This greenery reduces noise and air pollution and offers a number of health benefits.

Nature City Villas of Vajra, as the name proclaims, includes a slice of nature in this venture. Spread over an expanse of 4 Acres, these villas are created for the cream of the society. The residents of these villas can feel and enjoy green at the jogging tracks and parks. The clean atmosphere with quality air is good for physical and mental health. Kids of Nature City Villas get a memorable and healthy childhood as they have an exclusive Play area where they learn a number of skills in addition to living a healthy life.

Avaas Sahita is a new upcoming venture of Vajra at Gagillapur. This venture comprises of 4 BHK villas with ultra luxurious comfort. At present, Avaas Sahita is like a hidden gem and the features and amenities will soon be revealed. Being a venture of Vajra, it will definitely enclose abundant greenery because green is an important element at Vajra.

The Royal Park at Bowrampet is a luxurious venture of Vajra. It offers 2 and 3 BHK flats with ample greenery around. These 6 towers are high-rise buildings enclosed in a gated community. The residents get to cherish nature in the parks and jogging track. One need not go out in search of nature

Vajra includes a bit of nature in their ventures which provides a number of advantages to mental and physical health of its residents. Rainwater harvesting is available at the ventures of Vajra which supports the environment and also provides sufficient water to its greenery. Green is an important element at all the ventures of Vajra.

-Dharmapuri Mallikharjuna Raju

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